weed fest


The bountiful rain we have had lately has resulted in bountiful weeds. I have just spent a productive hour or so in the number 1 vegie patch with a huge pile of unwanted intruders to show for it. But you know what – thats notyhing compared to what is still in there!

I cant believe it – where did they all come from?

But in amongst all the weeds were a couple of bonuses;some long forgotten onions, half a dozen chilli plants that I thought were long gone and a few carrots that are still ok.

Thats not all that is in there of course, the kale is still doing brilliantly, there is some fennel, and some beetroot, even more carrots ( in our house you can never have enough carrots! )and even a confused asparagus spear!

While having the garden got to the point of neglect that it did is quite distressing it was nice to spend some time away from the desk and deadlines to reconnect with what is happening in the patch – get the feeling its been a while since I had visited? Yep, but have made a promise to take the time to give it some tlc a little more often from now on.



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