Coming back


Well its a long time since I was here for lots of reasons – none of them very good, so I wont bore you with the details.

We are in the process of moving back into our old house so with the move has come some kind of resurgence in my desire to post about whats going on at home and maybe in my head a bit too.

Those who know me well will know that I have always been a bit of a ‘greenie’ though not in a chain myself to a tree kind of way. Recently my other half and I have been discussing the idea of moving somewhere that has a more amenable climate for being a little more self-sufficient. And while in theory I love the idea, the ever changing climate has me wondering if we wouldnt be better off staying put. At the moment our current climate is a little too cold for a long season growing but even just over the last couple of years we have discovered that has changed somewhat. Surprisingly we are now able to grow a bumper tomato crop and even eggplant which we really shouldnt be able to.

Many years ago when I was studying I did an Intro to Permaculture course which I found fascinating. As time goes on I find myself more and more drawn to the principles behind it and looking at ways to incorporate it into our 2 acre block. I realise how much of a luxury two acres must sound ( the truth is we own the property next door as well so you can add another acre on to that ) but as with so many others the need to service the mortgages thereby working fulltime has meant we dont fully utilise what we have available to us. I intend for this to change. Starting now.

Easy to say, maybe not so easy to do but my growing concern with the general cost of living and wanting some kind of stability for my children’s future is driving me forward.


View of the vegie garden

View of the vegie garden

So my first act will be spending some time to get the existing vegie garden and orchard into shape while planning for future improvements, as time allows, but with more purpose than maybe before.



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  1. I hear you on trying to figure out the best place to live with the current climate situation. It sounds like you’re blessed to have land though! We’re renting and it’s always hard because of that, we invest a little time, energy and perennials every year but don’t go as crazy as we would if we owned our own land (one day!)
    Your comment on my blog made me smile today, as you’re starting spring the year is full of so many possibilities. Best of luck with the upcoming gardening season and learning more about permaculture if that’s where the road takes you. We’ve enjoyed practicing it and I love the winter time permaculture reading 🙂 .

    • Thats exactly how the winter has been spent! My table has been piled high with books and they have been on constant rotation.
      We are lucky to own a couple of acres to ‘play’ with but as with most things more always seems better!
      We’ve just had a few days of much needed rain and its like seeing the land for the first time all over again today now that the sun is out again.

  2. I too have seen things grow here that shouldn’t really be able to. As a beginner gardener though I don’t pretend to really know what I’m doing but I think being willing to experiment and try the things we shouldn’t really be able to grow is what will see us through in the end. 🙂

    • Its being opened minded and observant of whats going on around you – both at home and locally that makes for successful gardening. We may not always know the why but the willingness to accept that just because the literature says no doesnt mean that its so!

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