the journey


I decided that I wasn’t quite ready to let this space go…

New beginnings somehow have a way of sending us back to the start.

I was one of those people who never really had a clear idea of the path they were going to take as they moved into adulthood. You know how when you ask some people they can tell exactly what it they are going to do – be a doctor, start a band, become an artist? Well, that wasn’t me. In fact I had no idea what or who it was I was destined to become.

If I’m honest – I fell into horticulture. After completing my HSC ( as it was known then ) all I knew was that I didn’t want to undertake anymore study ( which simply horrified the teachers at my over-achieving selective high school!! ). The sister of my boyfriend at the time had just bought her first home and was right into gardening and visiting nurseries, so we generally went along for something to do. Then I thought – a job that involved being outside all day sounded pretty good. So I went to work in a nursery. Eventually that lead to wanting to study again and I became a qualified horticulturist.

My interests were generally based, even in those early days, around food and herbs and in fact the dream for when I completed my study was to set up a herb nursery.

I had always been an avid reader and I would lose myself in fictional tales of women who had the gift of healing using their home grown herbs, or had set up their own herb nurseries. Tales of scented gardens rambling with roses growing alongside healing and edible herbs would send me into raptures – if only on the inside!

Over the years my dreams to set up a herb nursery never quite eventuated though I still stayed within my chosen career – eventually going on to teach horticulture at TAFE. But those dreams of growing herbs never quite went away.

The other passion fostered from my studying days was that of permaculture. I undertook an intro to permaculture subject as part of my elective studies and was hooked. Often frowned upon by much of mainstream horticulture as ‘hocus pocus’ it none-the-less appealed to my ‘alternative’ nature.

Today, some ‘quite a few years later’ not much has changed. Herbs and permaculture, as well as home grown food, are still very important to me. While I do earn a living from them in some form I am keen to embrace other ways in which they can contribute to our lives, not just in a monetary capacity but also in what they have to offer by way of lifestyle and passion.

You can never have too much passion in your life.



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  1. I hear you on finding direction as you go. I left school determined to take a gap year then return to uni. The gap was about 3 years where I returned to an arts degree focussing on language. I left that 1/2 way through to work again, then married and had kids after working thorugh several different jobs and career paths. Now as I homeschool our kids and work in the garden I feel like I’ve come home and found what I’m supposed to be doing. I LOVE permaculture and all it promises and all it already delivers. 🙂 I wish I had the horticulture knowledge under my belt though. As for rambling gardens of herbs and home healing… BLISS! Right there beside you! 😀

    • I think you and I would have plenty to chat about sitting in such a garden, with a coffee and some delicious homemade cake Jessie!

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