Herald spring


After a week of illness that managed to work its way around the entire family its nice to emerge from the haze and see that spring has well and truly arrived.

I managed to spend some time in the garden yesterday afternoon in the fading light and it was a revelation to see all the changes that had taken place while I have been MIA.

Im eager as my strength returns to spend some quality time in the garden doing a little catch up. First on the list will be planting a tray of calendula seedlings that have been waiting patiently for some attention. I will scatter plant some of them around the vegie garden and since there are a few of them I will plant some in the rockery that borders the path around the vegie garden too. Not only are they great for attracting beneficial insects to the garden I am also keen to make my own salve with the flowers this summer.

My small dining table is currently covered in seed packets waiting for DH and I to sit down and decide what to plant where and I know before we get to the end we will be craving more growing space!

I am already thinking ahead to preserving and starting to gather together the supplies I will need. I have in the past only dabbled gently into preserving but this year, weather and harvest dependent I am planning on taking a huge leap and go all out.

Living surrounded by orchards leaves me a bit spoilt for choice with regards to fruit from summer into autumn so I am thinking loads of jam, fruit butters and jars of delicious canned fruit for winter desserts! Around me are acres and acres of trees coming into blossom in shades of pink and white so its hard not to get excited about what is to come.

My own fruit trees, of which we have a few, are also starting to burst with blossom. Some of them arent looking to great, but we will see what happens over this summer – at this stage I cant see me taking the drastic step of pulling them out though they may need some TLC to make them truly productive.

Just on observation – I have always believed that members of the onion family dont like competition but I have noticed that the ones I have growing in a bed smothered with chickweed ( I did mention I had been a little slack on the garden chores didnt I?? ) are actually looking better than those growing in the cleared bed. Now there are a couple of variables in that the better looking ones are growing in a raised bed not a ground bed like the others and the chickens havent been able to get in and decimate the raised bed as they have the ones in the ground beds but still…I intend to try something and leave the chickweed to see what happens as they mature. The worse case scenario is that we wont have as many onions as we wanted but plenty of salad greens!

I hope you are all enjoying your gardens no matter what your season as much as I am!




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